Landon's Music Studio

Landon's Music Studio provides many opportunities for musical learning, development, and motivation in piano and organ playing for students of all ages, beginning or advanced, through private lessons!

About Landon Finch

I am a current undergraduate organ performance major at Brigham Young University. I am passionate about helping others become organists leading to a lifetime of learning and service in organ playing!

I began studying organ with Lisa Bradshaw of Elk Ridge, Utah as a senior in high school. Upon graduating, I served as a full-time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Missouri St Louis area from 2017-2019.  Upon completing my service, I again studied organ prior to being accepted into the organ program at BYU. I have served as a church organist in a variety of different settings and have performed in several local events. I currently serve as organist for my local congregation and frequently perform in the BYU Marriott Center on the organ for campus devotionals and other events. I have performed and taught in a BYU traveling organ workshop in the southern Utah Valley area and I also work as an organ technician at BYU.  


I have been studying under Landon for the past few months now and have been learning valuable organ techniques from him. I hope to continue studying under Landon into the future.  

Cindy Collyer

Organ student

Elk Ridge, Utah

Organ lessons with Landon have been fantastic! ... He gave me plenty of amazing resources such as videos, group lessons and got me excited with his enthusiasm and love for the organ!

Erika Adams

Organ student

Elk Ridge, Utah

Landon helped me get the basics of organ playing down. He was a polite and practical teacher, and he never made me feel inadequate.

Ethan Mayfield

Organ student

Payson, Utah